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Apply to Art in the Neighbourhood

Thank you for your interest in joinning Art in the Neighbourhood!

Art in the Neighbourhood is a volunteer-run art collective that brings together a diverse and vibrant group of like-minded artists. The collective is dedicated to creating a space (both on-line and in person) for artists to show and share their work and to foster an environment of creativity and collaboration.

We pride ourselves on curating shows that feature a variety of works from our members. Each show is juried and organized by our volunteers, who are always looking for new and interesting ways to display the amazing work of our members. We hope you’ll join us and see what we’re all about!

Which areas ar you interesed in?

Here's a few things to note:

Our two annual shows are gallery-style. That means we share a gallery space using a set of grids. The visual art is curated and hung throughout the space. So there's no "booth" where you create your own display. However, everyone does get their own table in addition to hanging art in the gallery. With your table you can create a tasteful and inviting space for displaying smaller items, your business cards, your sign etc.

As volunteer-run art collective, all members volunteer for tasks that get the show off the ground and ultimately contribute to everyone's success. No one is paid to do these. Art in the Neighbourhood is not-for-profit so that all members can benefit from this collective.

Membership to Art in the Neighbourhood is required in order to take part in any of our shows.  Our annual fee for a basic memebership $20. With that you get a permament page on our website with links to your own website (if you have one), your bio, samples of your work, links to IG and FB, and contact information. Please note, show fees are separate from our membership fee.

Our website is a separate entity from our shows. Not all members are available for every show but everyone is represented on our website. On our website you can choose the type of presence to have between a Gallery Room or a Gallery Shop (with e-commerce capability). If you choose a shop, your membership fee will go towards this cost.

Our group is small and therefore there might not be room for you when you apply. But we can always keep you on our Wait List if your art gets the approval of our Selection Committee. We always seem to have room for a few new people every season. So give it a go!


Thanks for your interest in Art in the Neighbourhood.
We'll get back to you soon.

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