Our Gallery

Welcome to our Virtual Art Gallery hosted by our collective of artists known as Art in the Neighbourhood.

You may be new to Art in the Neighbourhood or a returning patron. Be that as it may, we missed having our semiannual art shows this Spring and Fall. So we have taken to the Internet. 

As with many things, we have had to think differently due to the current pandemic. So here we are in a virtual format. Many of the same great artists with the same great value for your dollar. Plus a few more. We love that you continue to support local artists, especially during this economic hardship.

Visit the individual "rooms" for each artist's work. There's a wonderful array of art in many media to suit your fancy.

Follow Art in the Neighbourhood on Facebook and Instagram for regular posts and updates, or check back at this art gallery site for future event information. We plan to continue hosting shows at regular six-month intervals in one format or another.

Come back and visit!  New things will be posted​!!

Our  Silent Auction is open for bids during the 5 day Show event November 14 to 19th. We will keep you posted on bids. Winners will be announced after the show. All proceeds go to Serenity Renewal for Families.