About Us

Welcome! We are a small cooperative of artists who share the same vision: we have a passion for our art form, we love what we do, and we want to share it with you!

It all started with seven artists who wanted to showcase their work to the community. Our first date was June 26, 2016 in a garden venue in Elmvale Acres...a neighbourhood in Ottawa, ON. It didn't take long to expand our artist membership with those who shared the same philosophy. We wanted to create a regular show that was small and intimate, easy to get to with free parking, and no entrance fee. Since the Fall of 2016 we have been holding our shows at Emmanual United Church on Smyth Road, Ottawa.

Our 2019 Fall Show was our 8th show to date. It had an exciting line-up of 20 artists! This is about as large as we like to be. Our plan for Art in the Neighbourhood is to maintain the intimate nature of the show that we envisioned at the outset. We want to be known as "The little show with BIG talent!" 


For each show, we have some new additions, and some artists who have been with us since the beginning. To be sure, whether returning or newly added, all artists bring many beautiful and unique creations.

As the rules of social distancing are now impacting large gatherings we have taken to the Internet and are bringing you our newly created virtual art gallery. As with our in-person show, we like to keep it small and simple. Contact for purchasing is made directly with each artist. We aren't a big corporation and we also still like to have that human contact...even if it is through the cyberspace. 

Since the Spring of 2019 we included a Silent Auction as part of our show, featuring donated pieces from our artists and also from others in the community. We have partnered with Serenity Renewal For Families in memory of Sister Louise Dunn. Proceeds from the auction go to this worthy cause to help ensure Sister Louise's legacy lives on to support families. Check out their website, Serenity Renewal For Families. With the generous help of volunteers and staff from Serenity Renewal, we have raised $1400.00 to date. Please take the time to check out the auction on June 9th until June 11th. 

Follow Art in the Neighbourhood on Facebook and Instagram for regular posts and updates, or check back at our website for future event information. We plan to continue hosting shows at regular six-month intervals.