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Art By J Positive

Joel "J Positive"  Jamensky

Purchases from this Artist's Gallery Room must be made directly with the artist. Contact information is provided below.

Art By J Positive has a wonderful collection of printed merchandise using his original and whimisical art.
Click on the item title and go directly to his Shop.

Also a proud member of...

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Joel Jamensky

Joel Jamensky, aka J Positive, is a young man with Down syndrome blessed with a unique artistic vision. Joel has been doing art for many years, and his singular style has evolved through participation in various local art groups as well as through his own experimentation. His primary medium is ink, and he also experiments with water colours and acrylics. His joyous creations capture themes of life, family, friends, and love. Joel started selling his art in 2017, and launched his own website ( in 2022.

Joel joined Art in the Neighbourhood in 2024.


Prices range from $75 to $150


If you would like to make a purchase please email via the link below.10% of proceeds are donated to organizations supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.

J Positive in the News

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