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Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy has been carving wood and stone for over 25 years.  All of his work is done by hand, much of which expresses his love of the outdoors.  At the age of 42, Tom’s life changed significantly after being diagnosed with cancer.  Carving stone has helped him to creatively channel his recovery and move on with his life.  Environmental protection and conservation have been the main focus of Tom’s working career.  Born and raised in Perth, Ontario, Tom now lives on the Ottawa River (Constance Bay) with his beautiful wife Anne-Marie.  His studio and additional sculptures are available thru this website and the contact information provided.  Commissioning of sculpture work is welcomed.  

Tom has been a part of Art in the Neighbourhood since 2018.

Prices in his collection range from $25 to $225.



Ringing Phone

(613) 857- 6941



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