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Gallery Room

Rivière Blanche Design

Erin Beneteau

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Erin Beneteau

Erin Beneteau (of Rivière Blanche) lives and works in Ottawa-Gatineau, surrounded by forests and waterways, which inspires her art and woodworking. Nature plays a very important role in her creative expression.

Erin grew up around fine woodworking and would find comfort in her father’s workshop as a child.  Drawing and painting her whole life, it wasn’t until the pandemic that she realised that woodworking was where her creative expression would sing.  Boxes are where she places her heart.

Erin taught herself how to make a simple box, using only a small handsaw, and a clamp, at her kitchen table.  Quickly, she incorporated joinery, inlay, and shape to her work.  Eventually she turned her shed into her workshop, and hasn’t looked back since.

Erin has been a part of Art in the Neighbourhood since 2018.

Prices in this collection range from $70 to $350.

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