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Gallery Room

Beata Jakubek


Purchases from this Artist's Gallery Room must be made directly with the artist. Contact information is provided below.

Beata Jakubek

Beata Jakubek, an Ottawa-based visual artist, draws her inspirations from nature and her travels. During her two-year stay in Japan, Beata studied ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Instead of haphazardly tossing flowers into a vase, she learned to organize them with an eye toward harmony and balance. Now she strives for the same kind of unity in her artwork. Her paintings, colorful and poetic, radiate tranquility and calmness. Several of her paintings won prestigious art awards and many of them are in private collections.

Beata joined Art in the Neighbourhood in 2023.


Prices range from $35 to $950 for paintings. Watercolour cards are $5-8 each.

Also a proud member of...

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