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BMB Clayworks

Bilgin Buberoglu


Purchases from this Artist's Gallery Room must be made directly with the artist. Contact information is provided below.

Bilgin Buberoglu

Bilgin Buberoglu (of BMB Clayworks) is a retired civil engineer and a hobby potter. He started playing with clay, seriously, about 10 years ago. Prior to that, it was always brewing somewhere in his mind, and in his heart, for many years.He likes building different forms with clay, functional or not, and making a note of his thoughts and feelings at the time.He’s amazed to discover every day, many of the beautiful and individual pieces that ceramic artists and artisans have created over thousands of years, and are still creating today. In ceramics, ‘the sky is the limit’ for creativity. He prides himself for being a humble student of ceramics, and considers himself lucky when and if he is able to complete a piece that catches the eye of someone.


Bilgin sells his work at the Ottawa Guild  of Potters’ events, community sales and on commission. He has been a part of Art in the Neighbourhood since 2018.


Prices in this collection range from $24 to $89

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