Gallery Policies

At Art in the Neighbourhood, we have a basic philosophy, "Keep it small, and keep it simple". We hope to share our art with as many people as possible at the most affordable prices. 


We were born out of a wish to bring local art to our community and not make it an overwhelming or out-of-reach experience. Now that we are unable to do that in person due to COVID-19, we find ourselves happily spreading our joy to a much wider audience via the Internet. Seems like a bonus in unprecedented times of change and challenge. If all goes well, we will coincide all future local shows with a virtual art gallery show twice a year. So keep in touch.

All purchases of listed pieces are made directly with each artist selling. Simply use the email button on their page to contact them directly. Then you can ask questions and see more photos of the piece you are interested in. As artists, we love to know someone is interested in our work. Our pieces are often like our babies; we get attached.


Please don't bargain with us over our prices. We put some thought into our prices and often undersell ourselves as it is. The prices throughout the gallery are much lower than purchasing from any third party venue; whether it be an actual gallery or an e-commerce site such as Etsy or Shopify. Using those agents adds cost to our prices. At Art in the Neighbourhood, the artist is charging you only for the price of the art (plus shipping and handling if you choose that). As a result you are saving anywhere from 15-30%.

The art gallery is best viewed on a computer or a tablet to get the best viewing experience. You can zoom in and see photos up close.