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This is information worth reading again. It is the same Terms on your registration.

Cost, registration, membership and payments:

  • Registration requires all 3 parts of the application to be completed and submitted on-line.

  • Annual membership with Art in the Membership (with website page) is required to be part of any of our shows. Basic is $20/year and Premium E-Commerce shop is $50 after initial setup fee.

  • Fees collected cover: venue costs, print material such as road signs, paid advertising, & print material.

  • Each artist will have table and chair as part of their participation fee (Unless other arrangements are requested. It is expected that you provide your own table covering and name sign for your table. Smaller art pieces can be displayed at your table.

  • The fee is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by the group or by the venue.

  • The artists will take payments at their own table and independently.

  • Artists handle their own payments. Many use a digital system such as Square. Wifi is not available at the Rink (SPRING) but is at the Church(FALL) (password GodWithUs).

  • Art in the Neighbourhood doesn’t take any commission for the artists’ sales.

  • Contributing a donation piece/gift card is voluntary and goes towards creating positive word of mouth advertising for our show and for each artist who donated. 

Photos and advertising:

  • You can only bring the art medium for which you have been juried and approved.

  • Photos must be sent with the title of the piece as the file name of each photo.  A minimum of 6.

  • You agree to have your photos and bio used in the weeks leading up to the show via social media     and email marketing.

  • As part of Art in the Neighbourhood membership, it is expected that you hold at least one social media account and make regular posts to help with advertising.

  • Distribution of flyers and posters is essential and will be handed out 2-3 weeks prior to our show and require as many members to assist in this task. 

  • Road signs are put out the week of our show and also require volunteer assistance.

Organization and setup:

  • Our setup for our group is  “gallery style” so that all the visual art is curated and displayed on grids in the centre of the space. On the day of the show,  it is essential to have all the grids up FIRST, before any artist begins hanging pieces. This requires a cooperative effort.

  • Some art pieces are displayed on each artists’ own tables, such as wood, pottery, sculptures, jewellery, fibre, cards and small pieces.

  • As a collaborative endeavour, everyone’s voluntary contribution will determine the eventual success of the event. More hands make less work and is more efficient. Everyone’s contribution helps.

  • Everyone is expected to sign up for tasks to divide the workload. This was on Part 3 of the Application.

  • Set up of grids and tables beginning at  7:00 am on Saturday, May 11. 2024

  • We 'll have a floor map ahead of time, with all places marked.

  • For the Spring Art Festival - Hanging of art on grids and individual table setup will be available from about 8:00 am on Saturday when the grids have been put in place. 

  • Breakdown of grids and tables from 4:00 pm until 5:00 pm.

Things to note: 

  • We use S hooks, zip ties, and grid hooks for hanging art on the grids. These are NOT provided.

  • Individual artist name tags are provided if you are new. Artists provide their own lanyard or pin for wearing. Returning artists will reuse the previously provided one.

  • An electronic title/price card template, as provided, is to be printed by each artist and placed next to the corresponding piece on the grid.

  • Washrooms are available inside the Community Centre/upstairs at the Church 

  • There’s two loading zones for offloading. Free parking is available for artists behind the school/centre.

  • Each artist is responsible for any items stolen or lost. OCDSB/City covers basic liability insurance. If you wish extra, vendor insurance is available at for as low as $16.00

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