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André Breau


Purchases from this Artist's Gallery Room must be made directly with the artist. Contact information is provided below.

André Breau

André Breau is a self-taught sculptor with over 30 years of experience in woodcarving. In the latest year he has explored under glazing and opted to pursue clay sculpting. As an expert in relief sculpting he strives to create three dimensional illusions in wood and in clay and with his painting. He has been teaching woodcarving for many years in the Ottawa area at the Visual Centre Orleans, as well as at the Ottawa School of Art.  


André Breau compte plus de 30 années consacrées à la sculpture sur bois. Fort de sa découverte des sous couches de couleurs en terre cuite, il bifurque vers la sculpture sur céramique. Sa maîtrise de la sculpture en relief et de sa peinture lui permet de donner vie à ses personnages . Jadis, André a enseigné la sculpture sur bois au Visual Art Center d’Orléans de même qu’à l’Ottawa School of Art.


André has been a member of Art in the Neighbourhood since 2022.                                                                                                                                                                                                     


 Prices in this collection range from $30 to $400

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