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Pattie Hendry Klus


Auntie pasta vists Noodletown once a year to spend time

With her 9 yr old nephew, Durum. She has known Durum’s friends for many years and has watched them grow.

On this visit, something happens that makes Durum and his pasta friends realize that they should listen to the advice of caring adults, who just want them to be safe.

Read and see what happens…

Pattie Hendry Klus is a retired palliative care nurse who has always had an interest in the human condition. This is now reflected in her writing and artwork. She hopes that you enjoy her children’s book, “The Adventures of Auntie Pasta” and her collection of original eclectic art cards.

Books and  original hand-painted watercolour cards are available on-line from the author’s shop. You can find Pattie also in-person at our annual Fall and Spring Shows with other Art in the Neighbourhood artists. 


Part of the proceeds from the sale of both books and cards goes to the Ottawa Food Bank.

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