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Gallery Room

Karin Keyes Endemann


Purchases from this Artist's Gallery Room must be made directly with the artist. Contact information is provided below.

Karin Keyes Endemann

Karin Keyes Endeman came to art very late in life because, in spite of an intense desire to draw or paint, she was repeatedly told that she had absolutely no talent and should take up other pursuits. So she did. She took up stained glass, pottery, needlework, sculpture and music….anything to satisfy that creative urge….but that “painting” desire just never faded. Then, many, many decades later, she serendipitously met the right teacher who unlocked the secrets and gave her the confidence to express her feelings and ideas through art. Her works are eclectic and her subjects are highly varied because she paints whatever inspires her in the moment. She uses a wide variety of media and is constantly exploring how to incorporate even more texture and depth into her art. Her pieces are frequently bold, daring and colourful because they reflect the joy and abandon which she feels about life. Prices in her collection range from $50 to $250.


Karin joined Art in the Neighbourhood in 2023.


Prices range from $150 to $1200





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