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SylllVie is a studied visual artist, a movement artist (eurythmist) and a counsellor. She is

guided by the colour theory of Goethe, Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual scientific research, and Beppe

Assenza’s colour study method. Her medium of choice is watercolour for the living quality of

water and the achieved transparency. In contrast from classical watercolour techniques numerous

spreads (veils) are used, yet maintaining a living quality despite reaching unusually great

intensifications of tone. She also uses other media in the process in order to “realize” the

painting. The subject is never decided at the beginning of her artistic process but organically

emerges through the various steps. She works with true living imagination.


Her work of the past few years has resulted in a series of paintings exploring the visible and

invisible ways we connect with each other, with our environment and often unconsciously with

our invisible motives. The ‘shadow of beings’ becomes a theme that appears in the backdrop

through the movement of colours. If you relax your gaze you will find many beings revealed.


SylllVie often plays with old canvases, some already framed. She keeps some traces of the old

and allows it to stimulate the movement of imagination and of colour until the new subject

emerges, new life from the old.


SylllVie explores also the digital art with her iPhone, finger painting on an app. These paintings are ideal as printed cards since there will be no distortion of the colours.

SylllVie has been showing her artwork with Art in the Neighbourhood since 2016. 


Prices of these pieces range from $50 to $1,100

Visit SylllVie at her studio, "Dreamscape Living Colours", by appointment.


For more info email SylllVie

Follow her on Instagram


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