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The final countdown!  

Last Minute Reminders 

  • Set-up for Friday night at Arch St. PS begins at 3:45 with tables and grids to be put in place

  • labeled for easy pack up later.

  • TOP PRIORITY is getting the grids assembled and standing, using zip ties. The configuration is also on the map.This is a group effort and the faster it gets done then the sooner we can get finished.

  • Tables will be marked with a number that corresponds to the map.

  • You may bring all of your artwork on Friday but leave it packed at your table until Sunday morning for hanging•There are two loading zones; one at the end of the gym; one at the back of the school entering the hallway.

  • Arrival time on Sunday begins at 8:30 am. We were hoping for 7:30 so if it changes I will let you know.

  • There will be 3-5 student volunteers to help unload cars and carry things in.

  • On Sunday morning, Vincent will oversee the curation of the gallery and give anyone a hand in placing pieces so that everyone gets the best view possible.

  • All visual art is hung using S-hooks or hooks made for the grids. Zip ties also work.

  • If you are located in the gym you will use the gallery grids in the gym, and if you are in the hallway use the grids in the hallway

  • Please do not expect to have your artwork grouped together. And don’t be surprised if adjustments have to be made as the hanging proceeds and a piece has to be moved to make a better option.

  • Once our cars are unloaded, we are to park in the parking lot behind the school. 

  • Please wear your name tag. For new members, a name tag is provided but not a lanyard. 

  • Use the price tag template (on the Artists Portal) to produce your price tags. Affix the price tag next to your painting, not on the painting.

  • There is wifi within the school. Staff will provide it when we arriveAll artists are in charge of their own sales. Many use SQUARE. E-transfer and cash are used.

  • Washrooms are located in the hallway.

  • Food to purchase will be available from Lorenzo’s Pizzeria, as well as coffee and baked goods. This is part of the school’s fundraiser.

  • Remember to have your raffle tickets at your table for handing out to your customers.

  • Door prizes will be on display in the hallway. If you have one to donate, be sure to bring it.

  • There will be a Welcome table set up at the entry and a box for raffle tickets to be deposited.

  • Make sure to have your name visible on your table with a table covering.

  • It is not necessary to stay glued to your table; especially if you are a visual artist. Mix with the patrons within the gallery and chat with people. People like to hear about your art and what inspires you.

  • Break down of grids and displays begins at 4:00 pm. Do not start packing or leave before.

  • All hands on deck for the clean up and we will likely be done by 5:00 pm!

2129 Arch St.,Ottawa

10:00 until 4:00

November 19, 2023

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