Auction Rules

Welcome to Art in the Neighbourhood's 1st Virtual Silent Auction.

The Rules


  1.  Browse our selection of items. Some items are art pieces donated by the artists in the show. A few others are donations by members of the community.

  2. Once you have decided on the item/s you would like to bid on, click the "Make a Bid $$" button at the bottom of the page and submit the item # and your bid.

  3.  Be sure to submit a new slip for each if you are bidding on more than one item, submit a bid form for each.

  4. Once bidding starts, the highest/most recent bid will be posted under the image with your initials only. (If that happens to be you!)

  5. Check back frequently to get updates on how the bids are progressing.

  6. Once the auction closes, no more bids will be accepted. The computer knows who is too late as all submissions are timestamped!

  7. If you are a winning bidder, you will be contacted via email or phone. Then you will be given payment and pickup information.

  8. That about covers it! If there's any questions or we missed something, just shoot us an email.

  9. Start your bidding now! Good luck!

  10. Wait for your email to confirm your bid. Another email will be sent out if you are the winner.